AS today all people have website but what actual website is?

The website is the technique which converts your visitor in to the customer, in marketing it is known as customer. Most people have awesome website, but they fail in conversion. Because visitors do not get the required data or steps of making a website in not properly followed.

Some people think they are the web designers even you meet many of them, they are usually saying like that I am an ABC and I am a website designer, but in actuality they have little knowledge about HTML. But we are the company where proper designers and developers are available to help you .

As we all know website making is a complicate process we follow these 7 steps to making your website. After following these step it helps to convert your visitors into customers.


1. Analysis

It is the basically the phase of information gathering like:

2. Planning

Planning means how would you make the website, whether it is related to website structure, its site map and on which technology we used to make the website

3. Design

it is used for making the user experience best with the help of these:

4. Content

Content must be informative .Content should be easy to understand for your user and in brief. It should be in normal language .It includes

5. Development

Here we actually create the website with the help of different languages like

6. Testing

We do testing in three phase unit, module and complete. Testing is done to check the website is working properly or not. Testing includes:

7. Deployment

Deployment is start after the site is made .It includes

website designing start @ 1999 only.